Online Fraud Targeting Tenants on the Rise

Welcome to February's Newsletter! 

As you may have seen on social media, we're received reports this week of 2 online property scams being run in the Swansea area. I was interviewed today for Swansea Bay TV, talking about the scam after our warning about the scams was picked up by Wales Online and Property Industry Eye.

On a lighter note, there's good news this month for the Kingsway Infrastructure Project and Tidal Lagoon as more investment is made, and an offer revised. We're also encouraging landlords to consider (where appropriate!) lets with pets, and this month's stats are a prime example of supply and demand at work!

- Hannah McCartan, Managing Director of McCartan Lettings

Online Fraud Targeting Tenants on the Rise

Step Forward for Kingsway Regeneration and Tidal Lagoon

Lets with Pets

Swansea in Stats

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